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Vampires are throughout African folklore and mythology. Popular vampires include the Asanbosam, Algul, Adze, Impundulu, Tikoloshe, Ramanga, Obayifo, Sadabonsam and the Asasabonsam.


An Ishologu is and African vampire that is essentially an Impundulu that without an owner. Since Iimpundulu are servants of witches, one without a witch would cause pure chaos. Without an owner, an Ishologu has no boundaries and will become more merciless.

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The Asanbosam is an African vampire found amongst the people of Ghana and Togo. The Asanbosam lives in the trees and forests, feeding mainly on those who wander through its domain. The vampire waits quietly in the trees, hanging by their curved, hook-like feet, and pounce on its unsuspecting prey. They rip out the throats […]

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The Arab world stresses through parts of Western Asia and North Africa. The Algul is a vampire from the Arabic culture who inhabited cemeteries. Algul translates to horse leech or bloodsucking jinn. The Algul is generally a female demon that feasted on dead bodies. Some stories say that the female vampire demon arranges orgies on […]

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To the African people, vampires exist because they are a class of people who are able to defy death and exert a malignant influence from the grave. African vampires were often people who died in defiance of the community or from suicide. There are many different types of vampires within African folklore to include Obayifo, […]

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The Adze is a vampire creature found in the legends of the Ewe people of Southern Togo. The Adze commonly took the form of a firefly. If caught, the firefly would turn into a quasi-human form with a hunchback, sharp talons, and jet-black skin. Once in the quasi-human form, the African vampire would kill its […]

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The Impundulu vampire is a witch’s servant from the eastern Cape region of Africa. It is found in legends of the Pondo, the Zulu, and the Xhosa. The vampire is usually owned by a female and is later passed to the witch’s daughter. The witch that controleld the Impundulu vampire made sure that the creature was always […]

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The Tikoloshe is an African vampire that looks like a baboon. The vampire-creature is found in the folklore of the Xhosa people of Lisotho and the southernmost African plains. The creature is described as short and bulky. It had a high forehead and a balding head. The Tikoloshe is said to have shape-shifting abilities and […]

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The Ramanga is a living vampire found in the legens of the Betsileo tribe of Madagascar. Some legends say that that Ramanga is a person that performs disgusting services for the chief of the tribe. The Ramanga was expected to eat the nail clippings and drink the blood of people in high standing within the tribes. […]

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The Obayifo is a vampire-like creature of West Africa. The folklore mostly surrounds the Ashanti people, but the Dahomey people refer to the same creature as the asiman. In folklore, the creature may inhabit the bodies of ordinary people. They have shifty eyes and are obsessed with food. The obayifo emit a phosphorescent light from […]

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The Sasabonsam is similar to that of the asasabonsam, except it does not have hook feet. The African Sasabonsam appears human but has many features of bats. They have short stubby arms and wings. Some legends say that the African creature had a wingspan of about 20 feet. The creature had emaciated bodies and twisted […]



The asasabonsam is a vampire-like monster species found in the folklore of the Ashanti people in Ghana, West Africa. This African vampire has a human appearance with a set of iron teeth and hooks for feet that point in both ways. The creature is hairy and has large blood-shot eyes. The creature lived deep in the […]

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