Introducing the Formarian tradition.

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The Fomorian tradition is a little known dark tradition originating in ancient Ireland. The Formore are a group of deities aliened with Darkness. Chaos, Blood and Death. They are mentioned several times in the ancient Irish chronicles such as the book of invasions.

The  dark Gods and Goddesses of the Irish traditions draw their power from the darkness in a certain special way. It is said that the Tuatha De Dannan draw their power from the Stars whereas the Fomore draw their power from the spacesBetween the Stars.

Many of you will have heard of one of the Formorian Gods without realizing it! In the Conan movies there is a reference to a God called Crom This is the name of a real Formorian Deity mentioned in the ancient Irish texts although his other attributes in the movie such as association with steel are entirely fictitious.

I will be posting here individual posts about the Formorian panthion with some details about ritual and other matters if anyone is interested.

To close i will leave you with the words of the invocation to Crom (without such such visualizations and keys as would make it active) to give you a "taste: of the tradition.

Invocation to Crom

Hazel, Elder, Furze and Vine

In a pattern intertwine.

In fire and stone the pattern's wrort

And by it's power the wind is caught

This pattern leads before the throne

Thatv is made of onyx stone

where no mortal man may stand

In dark and dust in the dry land. 

Author:Rev. JP Vanir
Published:Jul 25th
Modified:Jul 25th

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