VetrnŠtr the Viking's Samhain: the cycle of Fogmoon

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VetrnŠtr the Viking's Samhain: the cycle of Fogmoon part 1

By Veigsidhe Karvgwenn 

VetrnŠtr the Viking's Samhain: the cycle of Fogmoon VetrnŠtrComes from Vetr who means winter, and nŠtr (The plural of Natt) which means at nights. The prayer at the time of the blˇt is Ars fri ­ ar OK, "for a good year and frith " We ask for the fertility, for a good health, for a good life   of the peace an harmony enters the people.

The exact term at "winter nights" is not mentioned in the saga Ynglinga by Snorri Sturluson where (in the chapter 8) In Brittany they were a Viking, t thought around the  Vikings settlements, Near Brest and Nantes,  and Viking raid of the church of LandÚvennec And into FinistŔre they are a name of Samhain "Noz Kala-Goa˝v" (Winter Nights = in Breton) it's close of the Norse language. So in the  Edda three great sacrifices of the year are banned: ź -Ůß skyldi blˇta Ý mˇti vetri til ßrs, en at my­jum vetri blˇta til grˇ­rar, press on ■ri­ja Ó sumri, ■at var sigrblˇt. ╗ 

(There should be a sacrifice at the beginning of the winter for a good year, and in the middle of the winter for a good harvest, the third in summer, it was the sacrifice for the victory.)

The rites of this next bl˛ts are inspired by those of Gythia/Godi Niele (She is French, from Alcase, Estern of France). I like really very much his texts always very beautiful, there I just have them one can adapt has those whom I already had. I has to say that the rite wins it in beauty. On the other hand one do not know if the sacrifice of VetrnŠtr took place has Yule or has Samhain, Asatruar and Odinistes generally making this party during the cycle of Samhain, from my part I did too. But I also make three toast for Nornes during my Rite of

12 Days of Yule. This one is my Cycle of Fogmoon (Northern ţsle Tradition): The Cycle on several days (has you to adapt them as you wish it): 28 in October 1st Night of Fogmoon at the beginning of Samhain or Samhuinn in the Scotland. Bl˛t for Odin and Skuld. 

29 in October: at 2nd Night of Fogmoon, rite of worship for the Scottish Goddess of the winter Cailleach Bheur. 

31 in October: at 3rd Night of Fogmoon, celebration of Samhain. The night of the Deaths, Valh÷llbl˛t, Bl˛t of Odin de Freya and Valhalla. Rite of Worship for the Goddess of the Death Morrig¨ ( Morrighan) I already have you to exchange these rites in my subjects to post for samhain.  -1er in November: Samhain, Celtic New Year, Fist day of Winter. Celebration of the Goddess Hel/day of Hel.

In November 2: Daudibl˛t or Daudrthing, Bl˛t of the All Souls' Day, made a rite of tribute for your deaths (I would post can you be above something later).

In November 3: Norse Rituel or Celebration of the Scandinavian strength. The meditation of Utiseta or then to do another shaman work. 

In November 4: at The end of Samhain/The end of the cycle of Fogmoon. Bl˛t in tribute has the Goddess Hel and has the Goddess Skadi. 


VetrnŠtr the Viking's Samhain: the cycle of Fogmoon part 2

by Veigsidhe Karvgwenn.

VetrnŠtr the Viking's Samhain: the cycle of Fogmoon part 2:

28 Octobre:Toast in honor of Odin and in honor of Skuld for the first day of VetrnŠtr:

"-Ground falls composedly towards the dark horizon,
Take slowly in his curve its alive let us line,
Our nourishing earths become numb
Under the recent icy cover.
Intrusive sleep appropriates the most tenuous spirits,
Little dead reminds to the last homework:
Let us settle our owed completely before our big jump
In the ground depths of days without light,
Our unchanging hopes are engulfed a brief moment.
Odin, Lord of the Mysteries,
Shoulder we during the crossing of the long night,
Introduce we to the magic of life and death,
( Drink to Odin, then continue)

Skuld, Young Lady, Guard affectedly tense between your hands whites The thread of our uncertain future during these threatening days.
(Drink to Skuld, then continue)

we offer this drink to the alive,

(Pay some drops in earth; libation)

We let us offer this drink to the deaths,

(Pay some drops in earth; libation)

We let us offer this drink to Odin and to Skuld.
(Pay the rest of the contents of the glass in earth)"


VetrnŠtr the Viking's Samhain: the cycle of Fogmoon part 3

 October 29:

"-Toast in honor of Verdandi for the second day of VetrnŠtr Sinistres Shadows penetrate in our silent houses, In our strong hearts beats frantically our impatient blood.
Invaluable time congeals on the field, Freezes the silvery needles of a supernatural cold.
Dear friends, share a last moment our faithful company, Brothers of fate let us unite at this moment By invisible son holding ultimate life,

Let us return to our calmed memoirs Our forefathers died in him here and now.
Verdandi, Fertilize Lady, Protects intact in your round stomach fleeting wealth of our present hours.
(Drink to Verdandi, then continue)

we offer this drink to the alive,

(Pay some drops in earth, libatrion)

We let us offer this drink to the deaths,

(Pay some drops in earth,libation)

We let us offer this drink to Verdandi.
(Pay the rest of the contents of the glass in earth)"


VetrnŠtr the Viking's Samhain: the cycle of Fogmoon part 4


-"Toast in honor of Urd for the third day of VetrnŠtr.
The last day sounds at the twilight dying person,
The translucent light on the calmed world goes out.
Let us seal our rigorous transactions exactly
In front of divine witness by sworn-in crowned oaths.
In order, let us enter righteous and honorable,
In the sinuous meanders of the imperturbable current.
On the past the informed eye returns justice,

Face the inevitable obstacles serenely light Heart of any debt, any claim.
Urd, Ancestral Queen, Admire attentively the fine work of my life, Admire well the results of the tests and the understandings received in my progress of solitary Druid. 
Of lengths hanks still remain to weave.
(Drink to Urd, then continue)

we offer this drink to the alive,

(Pay some drops in earth,libation)

We let us offer this drink to the deaths,

(Pay some drops in earth, libation)

We let us offer this drink to Urd.
(Pay the rest of the contents of the glass in earth)"


VetrnŠtr the Viking's Samhain: the cycle of Fogmoon part 5

November 1st

"-Toast for the day of Hel, to pronounce in honor of Balder, Freya, Frigg, Odin and your ancestors.
Him gaping passage invites the deceaseds travelers A our friendly banks, let us take a seat together, dead and alive in a gathered assembly.
Let us converse and let us feast cheerfully with the reassuring home, Let us drink cheerfully to our short-lived reunions, Let us have dinner abundantly around the same good dish.
New year celebrates.
The new Celtic year to celebrate in both countries, unchanging Links deserve very long expectations Weaved in three times of fate.
Balder, Brother of the revival, Return among those who hope you for a long time Bring we your clear and soft light after the deep night.
(Drink to Balder, then continue)

Loki, which walks noiselessly, move on you finds you has present,
Loki Laufeyson of the evil you will never make.
Acquit you of all your right punishments.
The fate of the Gods Sigyne accomplisseuse.
Bring the peace has your husband who we can welcome you with dignity in our hearts.
( Drink to Loki, and to Sigyne, then continue)

Frigg, mother of my heart, mother of numerous Gods and guard of the Druidesses of the North,
You protects us with the generosities of the polar homes.
The snow of fjords and star of big bear who soon will shine. With the arrival of the mother of Freya, in the soft colds of Skadi, in the ices of glitter of silver of its white and pure hair of snows.
Odin, great master of the Druids of the North, the Allfather noble king of Asgard, guard of the palace of the Gods, the beautiful brave and brave Valhalla stay of the Deaths in their life on Midgard.
Listen to the just words of your sincere Druid who rents you Foldardr˛ttinn for your benefactions.
Black feathers Hrafnagud.
Odin master of valuable Deaths.
Guide our dear dead men more the death In your glorious kingdom of Asgard.
(Drink to Odin and Frigg, then continue)
Freya protects my family and my home, helps I when I should sunrise my ax again in the art of Seidr against one enemies for the year has to come.
(Drink to Freya, then continue) Freyr protects our harvests, animals and seeds, helps I make fruit my just actions and to share the abundance of the heart, this winter which we have enough to eat.
(Drink to Freyr, then continue)
ancestors, forefathers, guards of our Clan and our Families, Let us drink to your past lives, In your familiar presences, in your future existences.
(Drink to the ancestors, one by one by naming them, then continue)
Hel, Lady in the dark and clear face. Black lady of the fear.
Hel guard of the Deaths.
Hel girl of Loki.
In your kingdom of Helheim. By your power reign over our cursed parents.
Protect the attractive and virtuous Balder in your big room of GrimlÚ.
Protect the invaluable frames in your underground caves.
Hel of shade and light, two parts in an assembly.
(Drink to Hel, then continue)
we offer this drink to the alive,
(Pay some drops in earth)
We let us offer this drink to the deaths,
(Pay some drops in earth)
We offer this drink to Balder, Freyr, Freya, Skadi, Sigyne, Loki, Hel, Frigg and Odin.
( Pay for a good libation in earth.)
Clean this house of the negativity. 
Barley and wheat, meat, wine, beer, invaluable mead, fruits, butter and milk.
On my table in front of me, in my Clan under the roof of my home.
Don of the life, the springs of satisfaction and strength.
We are grateful for what we have.
We are grateful for what the Gods made for us.
We are grateful for us, our Clan, our Family and the nearby Clans.
We thank for the harvest, of grains and good deeds in this early winter.
We thank for the abundance and the enjoyments.
We thank for blessings and for your protection.
In our lives all year when it is the same for the Druidic year of the light of Fionn which comes has we once more. 
At this summer end when the winter is slowly back in the Wintry weather of the North.
Thanks to the Gods and Goddesses who with benevolence stay up us. "


VetrnŠtr the Viking's Samhain: the cycle of Fogmoon part 6

November 4th: Bl˛t of the End of Fogmoon-Samhain.
Rite of Hel and Skadi. Celebration of the arrived of the winter.
" - hammer of the North protects and sanctifies this place!
East hammer, protects and sanctifies this place!
Hammer of the South, protects and sanctifies this place!
Western hammer, protects and sanctifies this place!
That the Hammer of the Noble God Thor who on his tank for rising at the top of Asgard, protects and sanctifies my home and this assembly.
That the strengths of the Hammer of the Gods which plongue in the depths of protected Helheim my clan in this bl˛t of Fogmoon.
That all which is mean action and deceit is left far from at our home and by our hearts.
By my druid's honor I create here a space of peace and serene sweetness has the unwavering strength. "

1st time of libation for the Goddess Hel:

"-Hail Hel! Hello has you Hel, daughter of Loki and Angerboda,
You which reigns over Helheim and the Deaths of the underworld,
You which refused to make us Balder we honor you in this bl˛t. "

(Libation to Hel)

2nd time of libation for the Goddess Skadi:
"-Hail Skadi! Hello has you Skadi, queen of ne´ges and ices of the North.
Wife of Nj÷rd, you whose name means: the destruction.
You whose element is the Ski and the Mountain the white coat of wintry cold of which arrives has our doors.
We honor you in this bl˛t. "

(Libation to Skadi)

3rd time : "free":
Everybody pays tribute has the divinity which he/she want and says the poem which he/she want.


Author:Rev. JP Vanir
Published:Sep 8th
Modified:Sep 14th

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