Recognition, Acceptance and Research (RAwR) Written by Masticina Akicta

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Written by Masticina Akicta


To become better, one has to understand what they are. A simple basic reality. So the first step in our ways to improve is to RECOGNIZE what and who we are. Until we recognize who or what we are we canít really make any decisions or adaptations. Many members might remember, or try to forget, how they were as young fledglings (sorry to use a term like that). But ones who found out what they are tend to make odd choices. We have all been there!



Recognition can be reached by meeting others who are like you. Or by finding information about certain things that make you think very deeply. Linking the connection between YOU and IT. And no matter what it is that moment or recognition is a spark that will either shadow your life or change your life. Not only you but also someone else might recognize it, you might meet someone that slides you a hint. Or asks you certain questions that make you think. One that seems to know more, or has answers to questions that you have. That seems to be ahead of you. What if they truly knew more! If you took a moment to sit back.. would you begin to put together the puzzle pieces? That is up to you!



The Second step is to accept it, to truly adjust and learn, one has to accept many things about themselves. If one recognizes something but doesnít accept it, they force it deep into their shadow. By denying your nature it will only grow stronger and fight you. And if you cage the beast, pardon that expression, it will one day break out and it will be terrible. The first step to make our lives better should be to recognize what we are and make smart choices. And before you ask, many tried, and failed to fight it. Best is to work with it, but that is a whole other topic.

In life we have to accept the good things about ourselves and the bad things. And sometimes, things that look bad donít have to be. It all depends on how you look at life. Everybody after all has a shadow, things they donít like about themselves or things that society might not have the best idea of. Yet the trick is know yourself and adjust how you live. Just simple advice here, yet it takes years to fully understand what it means. KNOW YOURSELF!



The third step is simple, Research! Indeed, Research. Once you feel that twinge, and feel a connection you can dive deep into matters and read up, connect to others within said communities. And begin your path of growth. Finding the resources and connecting with others who might have the information you require. See meeting others!

First year(s) will be a bit rough, so much to learn and to adjust to. But in the end by accepting who and what you are and learning how to deal with it. You can truly become yourself. Expect many forks in the roads, paths walked that proof wrong and bad choices. Such is the way we learn and walk.


Meeting Others

You are usually not alone in whatever you are. Funny how that goes, and you can find communities, many online and if you look deep enough, offline. Where in relative privacy, we can talk about many issues and find solutions. Definitely in some communities, it is a strong aid to be connected. Some communities, like the vampire community, have laid out networks of information, support and places where you safely can chat with others who understand. And that is a very important step into your future years.

You can share experiences, learn what probably works, find people like you and feel better about yourself. Find out that whatever troubles you is shared and hence you might just make friends for life. What more can you hope for?


What can the Community Do?

When meeting the community prepare to not only deal with those steps yourself but also see them in others. It isnít only YOU that have to deal with them. But also it is happening to others. So if you see someone in the stage of asking questions ask yourself, ďIs this person Kin? Are the questions pointing that they are waking up and beginning to seek help?Ē You can aid others just as once others might have aided you. By guiding to the right information, offering advice and most important, listening even if they are still unstable. Those who donít yet know their path might have many questions and try many things. We should be open to listen to them and even though we canít offer direct support at times, we can offer advice and an open ear.

We all are different yet share certain common things and it is us listening and giving advice where needed that can steer a young kin not to make the mistakes we have made in the past. Though remember, we are not all equal and advice that works for you doesnít always works for others. Be sparing with it and smart, let them find things out on their own terms. Yet like a child, donít just let them fall into the shark tank either. If one always is stopped from making mistakes, they never learn, yet one wants to keep them alive right? Not to mention even if our paths look rather equal they still can be different.

But overall be patient, young ones tend to make stupid mistakes, we all did, some of us still do. Making humans is mistaÖ I mean making mistakes is human. Lead them well, give them room to grow, room to make mistakes. But try to have a bit of patience. There are some good kids out there that are misunderstood. A little bit of love and support can go a long way.


Ė Masticina Akicta


Author:Rev. JP Vanir
Published:Jul 1st
Modified:Jul 1st

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