Another Dark Moon Ritual- A Ritual to the Dark Lady Lilith

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Perform this ritual on a night of the dark moon.

Lay out the alter with one black candle upon a dark candle stick, behind a statue or representation of Lady Lilith. 

Also place upon the altar a red candle, lower in height to the black one. Where the black candle represents Lady Lilith in the mysteries of the dark, the red represents her passion unleashed.

Write for yourself a spell which incorporates something you desire: love, money, health, learning, revenge … whatever moves you and which you would like Lady Lilith to lend her vast power to assisting you with. Once you have written the spell I suggest you sign your name, or at least make your initials, with a few drops of your own blood. This bonds the spell to your life-force with literal and symbolic power.

You will need a bowl or caldroun into which you can safely cast the burning spell and a burning page of the Old Testament if you choose to use this symbolism.

Prepare the temple by burning incense you find stimulating.

Cleanse yourself. Appear before the alter skyclad, wearing only jewelry appropriate to the ritual. I have a pendant representing Lilith on a necklace which hangs at about the level of my heart.

I also wear a choker with an owl pendant fastened to it: the owl being one of Lady Lilith’s many manifestations.

Sometimes, before I begin – before I have lighted the candles – I kneel in the dark room and say the prayer to darkness: which sets the mood:





Light the candles:

Ring a bell once to purify the air about you.

With the athame draw a circle three times, moving counter clock-wise to create the circle.


As you form the circle chant:

Lady Lilith, I call to thee, dark Goddess of the night realm, Mistress of the night and consort of Lord Lucifer, divine Mistress of passions and Dark Goddess of Liberation, I call to thee and respectfully request thee to be in me.

Lady Lilith, accept my love and devotion, embrace me as I embrace thee, fill my soul with thy fire, take me to thy pleasure.

(When saying “embrace me as I embrace thee” a powerful symbol might be added by embracing yourself. Alternatively, I clasp the Lilith pendant when I say these words).

Lady Lilith, accept my love and send to me thy teachings, for I wish to learn and give thee worthy service and to be thy ally – to you my love and adoration.

When the circle is done kneel at the center and say: 

Lady Lilith, Dark Goddess of the night realm, She who fires the passion of all women, I welcome thee into me and ask you to join thy powers to me and work with me that which this night I seek. 

Caress yourself gently as you say the following:

Before you I am an incarnate being, in a specific body.
This is my body. My body.
My body is a joy to me
and others should see it in my step, in my smile and in me.
My body is a temple that houses the sacred Me.
My body is sacred and every way I use it is a prayer and a ritual. 


This Holy night I open my body, mind and spirit before thee,
to make of myself a vessel into which the waters of thy insight might flow.

Praise Lady Lilith, for her will is strong, and her power great!
In her hands rests this world, and she has promised it for her children,
and for her children alone.

Praise Lady Lilith for she is Will, and her will is our law.
Praise Lady Lilith for she is Love, and her love is our blood.
Praise Lady Lilith for she is Power, and her power is our salvation.
Praise Lady Lilith for she is our Pride, and per pride is our inspiration.
Praise Lady Lilith for she is our desire, and her desire is our being.


Lilith is my Dark Lady – Teacher and Inspiration,
Following Her path I shall be eternal.
She guides me to oppose all Her enemies,
Who are my enemies.
She leads me into the raging waters of understanding.
She fires the passions that burn within my being.
Yeah, I wander a beast with pride on the path of my liberation,
And I my celebrate life in Her names.

Even though I walk through the world of the sheep,
Lady Lilith will lift me above the herd.
I fear the sheep not, nor their empty wrath;
In their face I spit!
For, Oh Lady Lilith, Thou art within me;
Thy desire feeds me.
For, Oh Lady Lilith, Thou art within me;
Thy rage blazens the path for me.

Lady Lilith preparest a feast of the pleasures,
Before the temples of mine enemies.
She crowns my head above them,
My cup of life overflows in Her cause.
Surely desire and passion shall arouse me,
As my pride and will shall make me free.
All the days of my life I will walk the dark path with You.
I shall dwell within Thee, Oh Great Lady Lilith,
In the power of forever.


Too Thee, Oh Great Lady Lilith, I open my soul,
Oh Dark Lady, in You I trust.
Let me not be put to shame;
Let not my enemies exult over me.
Yeah, let none that celebrate You be put to shame;
Let them be ashamed who wantonly hide or decry You.
Allow me to crush all who oppose Your way,
Oh Dark Lady!

Make me to know Thy ways, Oh Dark Lady;
Teach me Thy infernal ways.
Lead me on the path of Thy dark truth.
For Thou art the Goddes of my being;
For Thee I wait all the long day.
Be mindful of my needs, Oh Dark Lady,
From Thy dark passion emflame me,
Open the wells of my desire, 
as I focus my desire upon Thee, Oh Lady Liltih.
For Thou art the Goddess of my being;
Thy embrace does set me free.

For in devoution to You, Dark Lady,
I proclaim the sons of Adam to be false, 
And their prophecy is lies.
Curse them for the slander they have made,
Against thy name!

(Burning a page from the old Testament can be a highly symbolic and powerful way to invoke this curse and gain the Dark Lady’s favour)

In you, Dark Lady is the truth of life, And for this I love You, for Your sake and mine! 

Dark Lady Lilith take my love, offered unto thee from the depths of my heart and soul. Thou art in me, and it is thy way that I seek and do embrace.

Dark Lady, embrace me as I embrace thee.

Take me, make me thy student, that I might better serve thee.
Guide me, that I might fulfill thy cause.
Bless me, that my mind and soul may be opened unto thy way.
Lead me, that I might further thy will within this life and beyond.
Help me, that I might be able to help thee.

Dark Lady Lilith, I lay before thee my desire, for my cause and for thine.

With love I say praise unto thee, Dark Lady Lilith,
true Goddess of my heart and soul, 
that I might be forever within thee.

Praise unto Lady Lilith who teaches:
Desire sparks the flame of life,
Will overcomes the shackles of falsity,
Pride overcomes the enslaver,
Fury unleashes the power of making, and
Discord unleashes the trial of evolution.

Praise Lady Lilith who together teaches:

Self-denial is a lie,
Blind faith is a prison,
Karma is weakness,
Fear is the mantra of the dying!

Desire is the flood that overwhelms the false frontiers erected in my mind!
Through desire, I gain strength,
Through strength, I gain power,
Through power, I gain victory,
Through victory, my chains are smashed!

When my chains are smashed,
When my mind is liberated,
When my desire lives unleashed,
The Dark Lady and Lord shall embrace me,
And I shall be free within Them, forever!

With love I say praise unto thee, Dark Lady Lilith, true Goddess of my mind and soul, that I might be forever within thee.

Dark Lady Lilith, hear now my desire:

(Repeat the spell you have written for your desire as many times as you feel is necessary.

When you feel its power within you, burn the parchment upon which it is written – saying as you burn it:)

With this fire, so burns my desire, with this fire so burns my desire!
Lady Lilith take my desire to your heart,
Power of my desire become as the flame,
Burning ever hotter, ever brighter,
Until the day that I live my desire!


Dark Lady hear my cause, and find favour for it on thy path.

Dark Lady Lilith embrace me as I embrace thee. 

Take me, make me thy student, that I might better serve thee.
Guide me, that I might fulfill thy cause.
Bless me, that my mind and soul may be opened unto thy way.
Lead me, that I might further thy will within this life and beyond.
Help me, that I might be able to help thee.

Dark Lady Lilith, with love I say praise unto thee,
true Goddess of my heart, mind and soul,
that I might be forever within thee.

What you see outside is what lives inside of me,
And what is inside of me what I present outside to You.
It is visible and it is my garment.
If I bring forth what is within me,
What I bring forth will save me.
If I do not bring forth what is within me,
What I do not bring forth will destroy me.

Awake, O thou whom my soul loveth, and come
Come into my garden, where the spices flow out.
Come into your garden and eat the pleasant fruits.
Come to the temple for the infernal rights of love.
Set me a seal upon thine heart.
Set your soul free; guide my soul into thee!

We are beings of emotion, both tender and strong.
We use them well and we use them badly.
They are there so we can experience the fullness of life, 
both the bitter and the sweet.
As the dark defines the light,
our bitter emotions define the sweet. 
The surface defines the submerged
and the submerged defines the surface.

I am all that I have experienced. 
I am all that I know. 
I am all of the energy within this vessel, shaped and fueled by me. 
I am a person, and a becoming spirit.
I seek the Dark and yearn to be of the Lilim.
This transforms me in ways that are exciting and unimaginable.


Come to me Oh Queen of Darkness
Ancient, terrible one!
You are known by many names,
and legion are your sisters in the infernal realm.
Come to me this night, and lend your power to my will.

Great is thy Love, Oh Mother Lilith, when thou says:


“Whomsoever of thy loins that will embrace me and seek my path, and in so doing renounce the false one, in them shall I light the black flame, and take them to my bosom as if they were my own Lilim.” 

Great is thy Wrath, Oh Mother Lilith, when thou smites:

“But my children, beware the upright ape who dwells in ignorance and pain. For he will tolerate you not, nor allow you peace. His is the way of ignorance, and his illusions of power prosper only when he drives you down. At his hands will you suffer; at my breast will you find succor.”

Lift me to thy breast oh Mother Lilith,
of your power give me succor,
for on your path do I seek,
and in my distress it is your name I call. 
For I want not of the ignorance of the Ape,
but seek they will and thy way, Oh Dark Mother.

Praise Lady Lilith,
for Her will is strong and Her power great!
In Her hands rests this world:
She has promised it for Her children,
and for Her children alone.

Praise Lady Lilith for She is Will, and Her will is our law.
Praise Lady Lilith for She is Love, and Her love is our blood.
Praise Lady Lilith for She is Power, and Her power is our life.
Praise Lady Lilith for She is our Pride, and Her pride is our inspiration.
Praise Lady Lilith for She is our desire, and Her desire is our being.

Make a blazing fire of my soul, oh Great Mother!

Make a thundering drum of my heart, oh Great Mother!

Make a raging river of my blood, oh Great Mother!

That I, Thy Lilim, may dance Thy eternal dance for Thee, oh Great Mother!

(You can repeat all or some of the above as many times as you like to enhance the power of the ritual and the meditation within you).

Close the ritual thus: Kneel at the center of the circle and say:

Dark Lady Lilith I thank thee for thy time and the power of thy spirits. Well I bid thee into the night, that our paths might converge again and empower us all.

Lift the circle by reversing the process of creating it (i.e. three circles clockwise with the athame), saying at intervals:

In Nomine dei Lilith Excelsi!

done release any residual spiritual energy by proclaiming:

“It is done. So mote it be!” and ring the bell once.

Author:Rev. JP Vanir
Published:Aug 12th
Modified:Aug 12th

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