Green Allies of the Druids

By Veigsidhe Karvgwenn an Drouiz 


Green Allies of the Druids:

The plants which we are going to discover to the court of our learning of the Druidism or the practice in our life, go to the fur and has measure of the years, to become our allies "seasonal worker" for certain or lunar / monthly for the Mistletoe.

1 = Mistletoe which is a plant which we pick once a month, when the moon is good. After new the moon in increasing period. 
( The 6th Day of the moon is after the 1st croissant after the new Moon, little before the first district (5th or 6th in the daytime approximately) 

2 = The Mistletoe and the Holly, which trains a magic couple during the celebration of 12 days of Yule. Or has Alban Arthuan.
3 = The clover, with which we work on the Druidic wisdom, the ceremony and the meditation on the meaning of three cloverleaves.
The Clover and its three leaves: (in fact the botanical term is follioles)
Leaf 1: Love: be:: Yellow ( Gold+Silver): clearly (Towards the white)
Leaf 2: power: make:: Red (Copper): means
Leaf 3: wisdom: have:: Blue (color Iron): dark (Towards the black)
To Alban Eillir or Ostara.
4 = The wheat and his two friends: the Cornflower and the Poppy. During the celebration of Lughnasadh.
5 = The Apple tree of the Druidess and the Oak of the Druids. During the celebration of the Autumn equinox. 
6 = Rose, the Dog rose bush and the Lily, vineyard and apple. (Consecration of remedy has base of its plants, typifies herb tea or drink rite)
The least known of big public are the Apple tree and the Oak:

Apple tree = Druidess / Woman
Oak = Druid / Man

When we usually speak about Druidism, we think at once of the oak, and we think less (or never) of the Apple tree, (still that with those who one an approach call Avalon. as the Celtic Amorgin association, formerly the Order of Amorgin, it is the French Druids).
It is that the history of the Druidism was rather often written by the Men and in more the main source and the Roman, the purement Masculine source and Patriarchal. The Men generally speak only about them even, for them even. Exit the Women and Druidess (insid some Group they are even just to call Priestesses. But a Celtic priestess it is a Druidess?) 

The couple Oak + Apple tree:

The Oak belongs to the Druid what the Apple tree belongs to the Druidess. The Oak belongs to the Man and the Apple tree has the Woman. At the Gods it is similar, has Asgard Apple trees are to keep by the Goddess Idunna the wife of Braga the God of the Bards.
The kingdom of the Oak it's the great forest, that of the Apple tree is the orchard of abundance and life.
The oak gives some good lumber. When in the apple tree its fruit brings health. A well known saying says:
"-One apple by day keep Doctor away! "
The virtues and the benefactions of these two Trees have to be to honor in your Druidism.
Author:Rev. JP Vanir
Published:May 27th
Modified:May 27th

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