Human Living Vampyre Beginnings according to Rev. JP Vanir

With every beginning there are great forces (Gods/Goddesses) as it takes more than one to create everything. With these great forces, arose Mankind and Layla as the first two. Man represents the lighter aspect as Layla represents the darker elements. It is through them that we acknowledge Day versus the Night. Layla is the night side, and Man is the day side. She, our queen, one day awoke to her abilities and realized she was given certain Vampyric abilities that most women have lost over time.


It was through sexual union that she found that she could drain Man of his sexual energy, and thus she found out her true nature. Man did not like being drained and wanted to dominate Layla so she left him; she then traveled through the Astral Realms to find the Shadow Realm and Mate with the Gods of the Shadows to take there sexual energy and eventually became a Vampyre Goddess. Teaching them how to feed and how to manipulate human kind is her way, she taught them many things in the liking of her image. Lilith and her children were/are often worshiped through Sacred Sexuality. Layla also proclaimed the God Yahweh's avowed name and drained him of some of his power to grow even stronger. When she left man, she did so that she could harness the Shadow that was a part of her all along. Then Woman was born of this great force. She was as he was and they populated the Earth bringing forth the Human Era. This process did not take lightly, as Layla and her breed needed to feed to be satisfied. As Layla was already the patron of the night side, she too would only come out at night. The sun being a great energy depleter of the Shadows we avoided its power by staying out of the sun. In not avoiding the sun, we become: dizzy, lightheaded, and extremely tired (As well as the lack of feeding).


As Layla was already the patron of the night side, she too would only come out at night. The sun being a great energy depleter of the Dark Ones, being too strong for us, we avoided its power by staying out of the sun. In not avoiding the sun, we become: dizzy, lightheaded, and extremely tired (As well as the lack of feeding). She is ever evolving and she is as older than normal humanity. Woman was then created to finish populating the human Realm. These are dark ages before us now and all our kind. We do not place any objections upon Society, but feel strongly about our Community. People are our strengthening tools as well as destructive ones. They are usually the root to our progression and oblivion. As long as there have been those who have shed light into this world of darkness, there are those of us who wish to keep the darkness. We are the hidden ones. Being born with the essence to feed, we are born again and again so that we may. Humans are our food though they also oppose us as well as we are protectors of the human realm they continually destroy. We must respect them as we need them and many are good people. We must learn to all live in harmony for the best of the world we live in and for the best of both our kinds.


We are Incubi and Succubi which is where our main energy in take is best. Eternal, we wander moving to the rhythm of our own inner tides. Our heightened awareness of ourselves and the world around us forces us to acknowledge natural rhythms that others simply ignore. As the day comes to night, we can feel it, and we know that the true realm of magick is the night for us; for that is when we have the advantage in power. The moon grows in waxing/ waning and we feel it; we know too that there are more complex rhythms of power tied to her phases.


As the wheel of the year turns round, we feel the wild times, the apogees and nadirs of power. We were born from our queen Layla’s essences as well as the other Vampyre Gods/Goddesses which dwell in the Shadow Realms and it is here that we are given our abilities that empower us. Through a ritual reincarnation, we severed our living ties and gained immortality. Our Vampyre Soul is Immortal as we are Vampyre Gods/Goddesses stuck in human bodies; which we exchange for new bodies after each human death. As Vampyre Gods/Goddesses we shall never die but are stuck in this Human realm. We also need to continually feed on human energy since we are Gods/Goddesses in a weaker human form and there fore deplete our human body.


The Vampyre Gods and Goddesses are very enchant and much older than the religions created by humans. Although most of the Gods/Goddesses of men made religions are Vampyric as are most of the real Gods/Goddesses though not all of those born from these Vampyr Gods/Goddesses are Vampyres themselves. Humans can also evolve into Vampyres through Spiritual Evolution. The Evolution of Vampyrism is very uncertain as our powers abilities Evolve who knows what we may accomplish and I believe we get more evolved in each Life time unfortunately not all of us remember our past lives. We must strive to challenge our minds to do this in order to reach our full potential.


© Founding Father J P Vanir 
of Vampyrian TempleUVUP

Author:Rev. JP Vanir
Published:Jul 11th 2018
Modified:Jul 18th 2018

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