History of Druidry in Europe by Veigsidhe Karvgwenn Priest

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by Veigsidhe Karvgwenn Priest


We no longer consult all day on the same matter; if it allows us to act, we still demand that the auspices confirm his answer: for we also know, among these peoples, to question the song and the theft of birds. One of their particular uses is to ask even horses for omens and revelations. The state nourishes white horses in the groves and forests I have spoken of that never degrade any secular work. They are splintered to the sacred chariot, and the priest, together with the king or chief of the city, accompanies them by observing their noises and the noise of their naseaux. It is not a more decisive augur, not only for the people, but for the great ones, but for the priests, who believe that these animals are the confidants of the gods, of which they are only the ministers. […]


  1. The best of all the guarantors, Julius Caesar, testifies that the Gauls had their time of superiority, and it is possible to believe that Gauls also passed through Germania. Had a simple river prevented the dominant nation from changing its homes and going to occupy open lands, where no kingdom had yet strengthened its power and drawn its boundaries? Thus, between the Hercynian forest, the Rhine and the Mein, the Helvetians and the Boians, as they did in Gaul, settled. The name Bohemia still remains, as an old memory of their stay, although the country has changed inhabitants[...]


There was also a study by a French scholar Louis de Baecker, in 1854, reported on Teutonic Druidism, similar to that of the Belgians of Great Britain, in his book «De la religion du Nord de la France avant le Christianisme». Unlike the men of the Welsh Druidic school, he joined Dr Ledwich and some Irish authorities to find Druidism in the German and Scandinavian races;saying: "The religion of our pagan ancestors was that of Odin or Woden." But he obviously refers to the north-east of France rather than the north-west, because he draws his religion from the Poetic Edda.


As regards Druidism on the Brittany Islands, it has known the Roman occupation in the southern part (the present England) but in a less lasting form than in Gauls, but there have never been any Romans in Scotland (the Romans built a series of walls, the Hadrian wall and the Antonin wall. And never succeeded in romanizing the country. Besides we know the history of the Ninth Legion which caused a lot of ink following its unexplained disappearance... (surely the work of the Celtic peoples of the time, or the difficult Land? ).


For Ireland there has never been a Roman either, and the Druidesses of the Mann Islands have blocked many times to repel Roman attempts at conquest. The effect of which was to preserve the islands. As a result of this Druidism has been influenced by Christianity but the tradition is to remain quite lively, in Scotland medieval bards background part of the cultural heritage as Thomas the Rhymer, Thomas Learmonth of Erceldoune, is a Scottish psychic and poet of the XIIIᵉ century (a Draoidh Wire "Bard and Psychic").
Druidism in its bardic form is perpetuated in the course of clan leaders and lords of the West and ended in this form with the defeat of the Scots against the English at the Battle of Culloden on April 16, 1746.


Before this time around the ninth century the western clans are formed by the Vikings colonists who married people of the local nobility, (it was probably the same for commoners) one of the best known clans the MacLeod comes from the Norse-Gaels of the west which one Regnier on a part of the islands going from the islands of Mann to Orkneys.


The name Leod is an anglicization of the Scottish name Leòd which could derive from the old Norse name Ljótr which means "ugly".Clann wanting to say family, the MacLeod clan is «the family of Leod’s son».
The Lewis MacLeod Clan claims to descend from Leod who, according to the MacLeod tradition, was the youngest son of Olaf II, Chief Viking Olaf Leod, said "The Black" in Norse his name was "Óláfr Guðrøðarson" king of Mann (v. 1229-1237), however unknown outside the clan. Leod leaves two sons, Tormod founder of Siol Tormoid, the MacLeod of MacLeod and Harris, and Torquil founder of Siol Torcaill, the MacLeod of Lewis.
However, articles published in the journal of the MacLeod clan suggest another genealogy for Leod, in which he would no longer be the son of Olaf, but a cousin third (or less) of Magnus, the last king of Man. This alternative genealogy, due to Christina MacLeod, a direct descendant of Leod, suggests that the MacLeod relationship with the kings of Man was made by a feminine lineage, that of Helga «with the beautiful hair».


So could we say a form of inheritance is passing from the Gaulish Druids who went to Scandinavian to the bard druids of the islands in northern Scotland following the Scandinavian colonials? I don’t know, do I?
We must keep in mind that Druidism remains partial and that no one has the unique and true tradition...
In fact we find this with Druids type Gorsedd who practice in forest like the Druids who are subject to the Roman ban,
Others practice with the Gallo-Roman heritage like the Flaminas of the Roman Empire, in reconstructed Gallo-Roman temples, often made of wood.
Druids who practice with the Gaelic island tradition, or British, then in group or not.
and still others that follow the Nordic island tradition. Of course there are also nuances between all these forms.


For a long time, trade and technical exchanges between Romans and Celts had been peaceful and prosperous. And this, until the rise of the impots by Rome, which was the main cause of the uprising of the Celtic populations, before being a question of sovereignty.
During the Pax Romana, when Gaul, that is to say a set of Roman administrative regions, became a Roman province, the Romans did not impose their pantheon to the detriment of the Celtic pantheon, but have incorporated the Celtic pantheon with the Roman pantheon in fannums. They were able to do so because these two religions were complementary and close.


I heared that the ban on druids from practicing, seeing their loss, was the first operation the Romans unleashed during the Gaul War, in order to discard their power. In fact, the ban on druids from practising and officiating was promulgated by Emperor Claudius (Claude) nearly a century after the Gaul War. From Saint Eloi, we know that druids still officiated in the 7th century beyond the Rhine.

The Gaul, or rather the Gauls, were Roman administrative boundaries invented by the Romans. Aquitaine des Pyrénées à la Garonne, Celtic or scalloped from the Garonne to the seine, Narbonaise from the Rhône to the Alps region, Belgium from the seine to the Rhine. Then, after the Rhine was invented and delimited another region, Germania. In reality, the populations of Gauls and Germania were distinct tribes and referred to themselves as tribes, but close to culture, religion and sometimes language.Between them existed alliances or hostilities, they delineated their territory according to their tribe. These tribes moved, exchanged, traded. It is very likely that unions between Romans and Celts occurred before the pax romana and before the first revolts, when the Celts and Romans prospered together. After using the Greek alphabet, the Celts used the Latin alphabet to write in the local language, as on the Coligny calendar.


Civilizations thrive only through openness and exchange, so that complementary civilizations have known salt to preserve food, metal to make tools, writing, cereals, maritime and terrestrial networks.We owe these permanent exchanges to the developed world we know today, and to the entire genetic diversity of individuals in such an extensive history of humanity.


Author:Dark Druid Goth
Published:Apr 6th 2019
Modified:Apr 6th 2019

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