Blood Bonds or The Psychic Link Between Vampire and Swan

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By Michael Vachmiel

The term blood bond was made popular by the role playing game Vampire The Masquerade.    The bond that is being referred to is the close spiritual and emotional connection a vampire feels when they feed from one person or on set of people for a long period of time over a repeated feeding sessions.  The following is my personal observation on that spiritual bonding.

There is a saying that you are what you eat. This is very true on the spiritual level!

We as vampires consume life energy or Qi to bring balance to our bodies.  We grow very irritable and moody and in some cases the imbalance creates sickness.   So we draw off the Qi of others.   In order to understand how the bond is formed, lets understand how the everyone harvest qi for their use. 

The human body has meridians, or rivers of energy in it.  On these rivers are little gates that allows the energy to flow called tsubos.  When the meridians don’t flow right then the tsubos then can move around and away from the body to seek what it needs to bring the body back into balance. 

So when we feed we are tapping the qi of our donors and bring it into us.  I know its not as romantic, goth or supernatural as we wish our sexy vampire sides want it to be, but that is just the straight up facts.

So you feed from someone and they are going from Donor to Swan as a regular donor.  Yay stable food!  Then you start getting images in your head.  You start feeling what they feel.  You can pick up on things through their sense.  WHAT THE HELL GIVES?   YOU DID NOT SIGN UP FOR THIS? 

Well, to bad buttercup! 

Let us think what has really happened.  Our Tsubos are like any other form of energy.  They flow to the path of least resistance.  Simple Right?  So our Tsubos touch the Tsubos of our swan.  Sort of knock on the door and ask for a cup of sugar.  The swan being a candy factory of energy loves to hand out sugar.  Gates open and close.   So we take in a bit of the swan.  The Qi is the life essence.  It is a snapshot of life in that one brief instant.  Like taking a emotional and spiritual picture. 

So we feed.  And we feed again.  We may even start to play in kink, or have sex, or have our swans join us in rituals designed to raise more  energy.  So more tsubos open for longer periods of time! More energy flows. Deeper connections form.   The body’s see this as new normal on everyone’s part.

WOLF’S LAW – the body will adapt to the needs you place on it.     

So, your new reality is this constant flow of qi.  The body adapts by keeping an open flow of qi from gate to gate, like a fast food express way.  But Qi is life energy!  You are not just getting the boost you need, but a continual spiritual facebook update all the time in your head of what is going on.  It is not a real time skype chat, but for some it can come pretty close! 

I hope you enjoyed my blog! 

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Michael Vachmiel 

Author:Rev. JP Vanir
Published:Aug 10th
Modified:Aug 10th

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