Psionic constructs and psychic shields for beginners by Celius

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by Celius


Learning how to make shields can be invaluable, not just for protection, but for your sanity as well.


Shields are constructs. As such, they can do so much more than just act as a barrier between you and something unfriendly.


They can be used to block out psychic noise, othersí thoughts, and dream connections, as well as filter incoming connections.


The most common examples for making constructs are for combat style shields or companion creatures, but they can be used for so many more things.


In this little article Iím going to teach you how to make three constructs.


* A resistance shield

* A telepathic dampening shield

* A construct pet


Theyíre all constructs, but with very different functionality and goals.


Youíll start by meditating, then visualizing.


If youíre accustomed to meditating already, you can skip the first section.


Letís get started!




There are many ways to meditate. Feel free to try different ways. Here Iím detailing a method that works well for many.


Remember, meditation is a skill. You get better at it as you keep going.


Sit down in a comfortable place, in a position youíll be allright with maintaining without moving for the next 10 to 20 minutes.


Close your eyes and just breathe for a minute. Relax your whole body.


Focus on your breathing and nothing else. Breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth, your tongue should lightly touch the roof of your mouth.


Focus. Breathe in, breathe out.


Do this for 5 to 10 minutes, focusing on nothing but your breathing.


Thoughts will come and go, and thatís ok, donít force them away just let them slip away and get back to focus on your breathing.


After 5 to 10 minutes itís time to visualize.




Visualizing - Resistance shield


Itís time to start creating things.


Visualization is creating a clear detailed image in your mind, itís a way to tell your subconscious what youíre trying to achieve.


After youíve meditated and youíre nice and relaxed, keep your eyes closed, and visualize yourself as youíre sitting there comfortably.


Picture yourself in detail, what you look like, what youíre wearing, what you smell like, details about your hair, skin, and so on.


Now ďzoom outĒ just a little bit and visualize your aura, your energy field. Just see it in your mind and know itís there.


Visualize your body, both physical and energy-body, generates energy, pumping out more, making your aura thick and dense with potent energy.


Now visualize that energy moving, pooling into a layer around you like a bubble, several inches thick.


Focus on that visualization for a few minutes until the bubble is nice and thick, then focus on all that energy hardening, turning dense, and strong as steel.


Focus on how impenetrable it is, how nothing can get through, how things would hit it and just bounce off like a pingpong ball against a steel door; itís solid.


Focus on that for 5 to 10 minutes. It may be hard to keep this focus, but just keep at it.


Youíre done. Youíve just created a basic resistance shield    :)


Whatís happening is that youíre telling your subconscious what you want with as much clarity as possible, and with time and practice youíll get better at all of this.




Visualizing - Telepathic dampening shield


This isnít just for telepaths who can read minds. We use telepathic abilities quite often, itís just that some are better at it than others.


Start by meditating, either like I wrote above or by another method.


Now, when itís time to visualize, focus on the energy pooling as before, but this time focus on how telepathic energy from your third eye canít penetrate the shield, and how other peoples telepathic energy canít reach in.


How it blocks incoming energy by dissipating it, nothing reaches through.


Focus on that for 5 to 10 minutes.


There you have it, a simple telepathic dampening shield.




Visualizing - Construct pet


Now weíre getting into more interesting work: your first psychic pet!


Weíre going to do this in stages though, to get used to programming constructs.


Your first pet is going to be a ball that floats in the air and moves around you in a circle.


For all of these steps you should meditate first, and visualize yourself and your energy.


Focus on your energy pooling in front of you: how itís coming together in the shape of an orange ball roughly the size of a basketball.


Focus on that alone for a minute or two, see how the ball is getting denser as more energy is collected in it.


After a minute or two, focus on how the ball moves around in in a circular pattern, thatís it, itís just moving slowly around you.


Focus intently on this for a few minutes, then sit back and try to sense the ball. It should be moving around you slowly, just as you programmed it to.


Do this a few times a day for a few days to get used to it.


It should get a little easier each time.


Now letís make something more complex!


Again, meditate, visualize yourself and your energy.


But now, focus on how the energy comes together in the shape of a cat, any color and pattern you want.


See all the details, the size, colors, eye color, the fur and how soft it is, and so on, keep focusing for several minutes on just that.


Then start focusing on its behavior: how it acts as a playing kitten. Pick just a few simple behaviors such as jumping into your lap and down, lounging in the sun, etc. Pick something thatís fairly easy to visualize.


Focus on that, again, for 5 to 10 minutes.


When done, you should have a simple psychic pet, all of your own making!


The first few times you do this, donít be surprised if you end up with a blog of energy that kind of bounces around a bit. Keep practicing and youíll improve quickly.


Complex construct programming takes time to learn but can be very useful, and fun!


Iíve created many pets, egregores, helpers, and so on over my years, sometimes for fun and sometimes for serious work.



Thank you



I hope youíve enjoyed this little guide, please feel free to send us feedback at [email protected]


Author:Rev. JP Vanir
Published:Apr 19th
Modified:Apr 19th

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