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Greek and Roman vampires are fully saturated in mythology and lore. The Strix, Strigoi, Vykolatios, Lamia and Eretica are just a few vampires that you may have heard of.


Strix is a creature from Ancient Roman mythology that is often described as a nocturnal bird, such as an owl. The creature fed on human flesh and blood. The term ‘Strix, is actually Latin for “screecher,” and in Roman it is means “owl.” The Strix, is sometimes referred to as striges or striga. They are […]

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Strigoi is a popular vampire in Romanian vampire. Most Strigoi are the troubled souls of the dead who have rose from the grave, generally including witches and evil spirits, but there are some Strigoi that are living people who have magical properties, which may include the ability to transform into an animal. Some living people […]

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The Vrykolatios is a vampire fiend from the Island of Santorini, which is an island off the coast of Greece. Ths Island of Santorini is said to be one of the most vampire-infested islands. This vampire is described as a fiend that feast off the living.

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The Romanian vampire became the subject of many folktales. A common folktale was of a boy who committed suicide following his failure to gain the marriage blessing of his girlfriend’s parents. He became a vampire and began to visit the girl at night. The girl spoke with an elder woman in the village who told […]

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Roman vampires are a variation of Slavic vampires, but they have distinguishing characteristics and elements. Strigoi (masculine) and strigoaica (feminine) is closely related to the Romanian word for witch- striga, which was derived from the Latin word strix- the word for a screech owl that referred to demons who attacked children at night. Moroi (masculine) […]

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It is said that the Nosferatu is the vampire to which Bram Stoker based Dracula. The Romanian vampire is said to become stronger with each attack, unlike a bee, that will die with one sting. The Nosferatu is the illegitimate child of parents who were illegitimate. Soon after its burial, the Nosferatu begins a life […]

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The Moroii is a living vampire in Romanian folklore. Some stories refer to the creature as a vampire ghost. The vampire can be male or female. The female Moroi is called a moroaica. Some stories associated the creature with strigoi or werewolves. In modern myths, the creature is said to be the live-born offspring of two strigoi […]

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Mormo is a Greek vampire that is said to be the servant of Hecate. She is considered to be a terrible denizen of the underworld. Mormo was a spirit who tended to attack children. Nurses told stories of Mormo in attempts to keep the children in check.

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The Eretica is a Greek vampire, although some claim it a Russian vampire. When looking at Greek mythology, the Eretica is in association with Hecate. They are described as demons that can take human form. When looking at Russian folklore, the Eretica myths stem from the belief that heretics were punished by members of the undead […]

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The callicantzaros was a peculiar type of Greek vampire that was discussed by Leo Allatius in his 1645 treatise, De Graecorum hodie quorundam opinationibus. The callicantzaros was related to the sanctity ascribed to Christian holy days at Christmas time. It was said that children born during the week between Christmas and New Years (or Epiphany of […]

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