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European vampires are quite popular and ancient. There are stories about the Draugr, Dhampir, Lamashtu, Incubus, Volkodlak, Upyr, Upier and Shtriga. The European vampire Lilith is even considered the mother of vampires, being one of the earliest vampires in Hebraic writing.


The word, Alukah, literally means “horse-leech,” which is a type of leech that has many teeth and feed on the throats of animals. But, some Biblical Scholars believe ‘Alukah’ can also mean “blood-lusting monster.” Alukah is a Hebrew vampire that was first referenced in Proverbs 30:15 in the Bible. Solomon refers to a female demon […]

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The German Alp is a vampire-like spirit found in many German stories. It’s commonly associated with the Incubus and boogey man. There are many different names for the Alp, as well as a few different types of Alps the European countries. Aitvar: Lithuanian Alp with very big hands and feet Alfemoe: Icelandic type of Alp […]

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Annis is a sorceress from British folklore who is known for sucking the blood from children.

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The Aniukha is a creature in Serbian stories. The Aniukha is a small creature that sucks the blood out of infants. A Shaman must be called to help get get rid of the creature.

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In the village of Medvegia, Regimental Field Surgeon Johann Flückinger investigated stories of blood-sucking corpses. The investigation started with Arnold Paole. It was said that during Paole’s life, he had revealed he had been troubled by a vampire when near Gossawa in Turkish Serbia. Paole had eaten from the ground of the vampire’s grave and […]

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Manjasang is Occitan term for vampire. The Occitan language is a romance language that is spoken in southern France, Italy’s Occitan Valleys, Monaco and Spain’s Val d’Aran. It’s also spoken in Calabria, Italy, and Occitan is the official language in Catalonia.

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Although, the term “wearh” cannot be directly translated into “vampire,” it is an Old English term that has been used to describe vampires. A wearh is a monster or evil spirit. Many authors still use the term when writing about vampires and Anglo-Saxons between England and Scotland  between the mid-5th century and the mid-12th century.

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The draugr (also called an aptrgangr) literally means “one who walks after death. There are many Norse myths and tales about the draugr and its creation. The person may become a draugr if he has unfinished business after death, or if he is infected by another draugr. Some believed that anyone who was mean, nasty […]

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A dhampir (dhampyre, dhamphir, dhampyr) is the child of a vampire and human, as told in Balkan folklore. It was believed that male vampires returned to have intercourse with his living wife or with another woman that he had an attraction to when he was living. In some legions, male vampires would deflower virgin girls. […]

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The Baltic States include three small countries- Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania- which are on the southeastern shore of the Baltic Sea. They are next to Poland and Russia. Historically, the Baltic States have not shown any vampire lore, although they do share the belief in revenants with Poland and Russia.  

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