First lesson of being taught Written by Damien Ferguson

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Written by Damien Ferguson


Many out there complain that they have no help and that need a mentor. Since there is not enough people around who do mentor, and there is not enough of me to go around, I figured I would write out a form of how I mentor/teach and post it up in sections. This will be a continuation of the vampire community newbie guide so to speak.

Now how I teach and such will not be for everyone. However, these series of articles will probably be easier for those who do not learn well from my style since it is written down, as opposed to live instruction. I feel that this method can help those who may have anxiety issues or those who may fall thru the cracks. So with that in mind let us begin shall we?

The first day of learning is always the hardest. Even though the things you need to learn may in truth be the easiest overall compared to later lessons. As the saying goes, it is hardest to start the ball rolling. It requires many things that folks do not want to deal with. Many do not want to truly know who they are or even what they are. They are afraid of change and questioning what they know up to this about. Stuff like who they are, what they are, what this is or what that is.


Find yourself


To begin we need to start with finding ourselves. This is where we need to not jump to conclusions.

First we need to talk to a doctor about the symptoms we may be feeling to rule out any medical conditions that could have caused them. This is highly important.

Once the explainable causes or reasons have been ruled out, we need to work on figuring out what is left. This of course can be applied to any type of vampire or kin or therian. This part is where everyone begins.

Now that we have ruled out actual normal reasons and found no answers we need to look into ourselves. If you are a vampire you will have pretty similar traits with most other vampiric folk. But the biggest challenge is mostly figuring out what you need to feed on. Once you figure out the way you need to feed then it is onto figuring out amount, volume, time frames, etc. Just like knowing when to eat or sleep or drink.

But of course to learn and figure out all this. One truly need to be honest with themselves. This is where a lot of the issue will come in. You need to remember this phrase specifically: is it your mind that created the situation or the situation that created the mind. You have to guard against confirmation biases.

Once you honestly figure out that phrase and figure out which it is then you can move forward. Of course that means facing more hard truths about yourself. But after that is done and you find out if you truly do NEED to feed. Then you will be ready for the next step.




This part is one many often overlook but i feel is the most fundamental. Try feeding in all possible ways. Learn what works and what doesnít for you. Donít try it once and quit it. You are brand new and have no idea what you are doing. You are bound to fail at any feeding method at first. So pick the different feeding methods out. Learn more than one way for each. Then devote a week to each. Trying the different methods you have read about. Keep a journal or other documentation of it. This will help you to look back and read over it and learn from it all.Of course I will list the feeding types and a link to a method or two down below to help out.

Keeping the journal will help you be able to see which helps and which doesnít. This is very important to help rule out the mind or placebo type effects. It will give you a good solid backing of research to help you really understand and see what feeding type works best for you.


End of Lesson


That concludes the end of the First Lesson. Although it may take you awhile before being ready for Lesson Two, do not worry. Everyone works at their own pace. As long as they are putting in effort they are moving forward.

Author:Rev. JP Vanir
Published:Aug 12th
Modified:Aug 12th

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