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In the end, each one has an individual path. One that is real. It may connect with others, complement itself, unite. Some people may find they can walk the same road, and they get together. Exchanging ideas, experiences, learning and evolving. Finding similarities.

Some cross paths, from maybe, other lives, and they rejoice at finding each other one more time.I am glad I found some companions to share this Journey with. But, in the end, it is always you and yourself. It is you and You. The Real Master you can trust, the One that will always guide you, be with you, Be You.

We travel specific roads that may be familiar or roads that we need to go. We deal with specific things, and there is no right or wrong because they are personal. But it is good to find a path where you feel you are finally HOME.


Your feelings. But they are yours, even if others share similar ideas, you cannot impose what you believe to be the best, because that will work for you. Respect the others, enjoy the exchange and evolve as an individual.

Much has been said about "my way" of doing thousands of things. It is ok because this element will work for this individual. The problem begins when this "my way" becomes " should be like this for everyone".

Talking about religion, spirituality, occultism, vampirism, or whatever it may come to mind, trying to impose something on others simply because it works for you is ignorance.

What if this or that person prefers to act this or that way? What difference does it have in your life?

"Oh but this is not the way it should be." But how it should be? Who are we and what do we know enough to try to act as a god?

Like I said, in the end, each person will have a different path, different choices, different results, but many seeking for the same thing.

Some will feel more comfortable one way than the other. And it is not up to me, you, whoever to judge, to think " my way is better".

It is, however, very good when we can connect to something that resonates with our soul. That thing we feel is ours. We look and say " wow, I believe that was what I was looking for".  And maybe that thing may work for some years until the day you discover that maybe you need a different approach, a new experience, some new studies.

And that is just life, like a school.

The ones open to this eternal and mutable tide may flow with it and grow.

Our experiences are ours. Our feelings. And sometimes, when we look back we see how much we changed and things we used to love and defend maybe do not deserve that much of our energy anymore, or some of them got stronger.

But we may feel embarrassed for some behaviors we had, or look with some affection for the emotion we showed.

But being able to observe, analyze, and learn from those experiences can make us better people.

We need to be better than we were yesterday. Otherwise, it is a waste of time.

Feet on the ground...
Practice, try, gain experience, but keep your sanity...

Head on the clouds...
Risk more, trust yourself, know that there is much more than meets the eye.

We should have balance. We should be neutral. And we must realize everything follows a Law... a flow.

Balance and Justice.




Being part of the All, we reflect it and we also Are.
Going back to the "my way" issue, many discuss that there is a correct religion, a correct practice, a correct vampire path....
Is there?
Are there some that would "bring shame to vampire community"? Which community? Which vampires?
For the open world, everyone talking about vampirism would be a joke...
So why are some still wrestling about it? 
I agree that few take the study of vampirism in a serious base. But that is my view. I see that vampirism goes beyond fangs and fantasy. For me it is a deep occult topic. But... who am I to keep criticizing others and their practices or beliefs? Or their role-play way of showing they like vampires?
It may sound bad, lack of respect, a joke... but... what difference does it make for me? It is not my path, so... let them be what they want to be.
If some are delusional, deceiving themselves, or just acting like kids playing... who am I to judge them?
The only thing that maybe bothers me is when some use that to deceive others saying "this is the only real path".
It is, again, up to each individual to try and decide... 
In the end...

...each one has an individual path.

I found mine.

A Tree with lots of branches, leaves and fruits, a strong trunk and Ancient roots, very Ancient roots...
Author:Rev. JP Vanir
Published:Feb 2nd
Modified:Feb 2nd

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