From the Grimoire: Entry Two – Energy Consumption – Filtering

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Written by: Gutter Dog 


From the Grimoire – Energy Consumption – Filtering
[Entry-Level Theory]

Version 1.3 – Last Updated 7/16/18

Authored by Taalon & Hound (GD)

I. What is Energy?

Energy is the non-physical component of the universe.  Despite its intangible aspect though, it is not abstract or untouchable.  All material in this universe is composed of energy at the most base level.  Matter and thought are simply two other manifested forms of energy.  We are also made from energy and so it is within our capacity to reach out and interact with this non-physical substance either in the environment or within ourselves.

From a scientific standpoint, the “stuff” that makes up our reality takes two forms – matter and energy.  This existential duality exists for our entire universe and everything contained within it.  The nature of our very existence is built on this concept.  Because of our own dual make-up, all living beings have the capability to redefine their senses and consciously interact with energy.  We inhabit matter shells as energy patterns and thus are subject to influences from both forms.  Discovering or rediscovering ones non-physical state can be difficult for some though.  There are many avenues of research available but unfortunately a lot of misinformation and ignorance exists.

Non-physical energy is defined by several facets and separated into several categories. These facets are generally broken up into parts so that we may better grasp the structure of non-physical energy.

Type:  All forms of energy have a type, based upon the vibratory frequency of the substance. Every component of the universe which exists above physical absolute zero in temperature vibrates at various, measurable frequencies. These patterns dictate the composition of the substance and can coincide with either a physical or non-physical source. Type is understood and defined by the way in which the energy not only manifests, but how it affects the environment around it or is affected by said environment. Perceptions of that manifestation can be subjective and based on the type of being interacting with the substance, however, like physical color, most beings will identify types similarly. When speaking about “water” or “earth” energy for example, type is being referenced.

Complexity/VibrationComplexity, also referred to as Vibration, is the overall density and intricate inner formation of the substance. This is related to an energy’s type however is more akin to a “difficulty” system. A being is more capable of working with energy types common in the environment in which said being was formed. The complexity of the individual being itself can also dictate what they can interact with safely and confidently. Various complexities also affect, in some ways, how that energy interacts with its environment. This means that even related types of different complexity (water and ice for example) can have different effects and attributes.

Nature: Dictated by both the type and complexity, some energy types will have an inherent nature that will have an observable pattern. Nature allows one to predict how specific types of energy may behave in a variety of circumstances and environments. Often the nature of a given energy type will extend to a living being if their soul is comprised of that energy type, or forms in a specific or distinguishable manner. This attributability of nature is something continuously studied by those who are energy sensitive. An example of nature might be fire typed energy tending to consume other types, or ice typed energy being more solid compared to a more dynamic water typed energy.

These three facets of non-physical energy combine to be what is collectively known as an energy signature. A signature, being used in the literal sense, is the unique calling card that every type of energy and every living being has. Because no two souls or environmental sources will have the exact same level of complexity, even those that have similar natures and types can be distinguished between each other through the recognition of their individual signatures. Two types of fire for example can be told apart not only by their manifestation, but more importantly by their inherent signature, which is unique to their collective composition (type, complexity, and nature).

Being alive, well, and energy sensitive probably means that you have already been exposed to the majority of naturally occurring energy types out there on this planet. Learning to recognize their specific facets will come with time and patience

II. Interacting with Energy – Consumption

It’s time to practice. No energy worker got good overnight, right? One’s senses and awareness must be honed, even if one is naturally sensitive to the energies in question. The best way of practicing is purposefully and directly interacting with, and eventually consuming, non-physical energies. This process will, and should, take a considerable amount of time just like it would learning a new skill in our physical existence. To reawaken or hone one’s senses, it’s best to seek out each basic energy type in some capacity and then work with it. But how do we work with it, eventually learning to consume the energy?

The non-physical can be governed and controlled, by our will. While this may seem like an absurd concept to those just starting out, it’s perhaps the one truth that exists in the non-physical. Much like death and taxes, no? The main way to move, control, and exert energy is through one’s force of will (their intention or their desire). By will we refer to the center of your own being, the voice that guides your thoughts, and the thing that is you.

The non-physical is a reality in which we can shape creations and modifications within the confines of known universal constants. Much like there are laws of our physical universe, there are mirroring concepts when it comes to the non-physical. So, while we can preform great feats, combat one another and heal our wounds, we are still bound by these laws, at the most base level. That is one reason why we aren’t able to mold this existence towards fantasy focused desires. However, many things are still possible in the realm of energy work. Keeping this in mind will help you stay grounded as you begin your work with energy, eventually working up to consumption and other forms of creation or destruction. We can do a lot, but many things are still out of reach due to these natural constants. The real world manifestation of our workings is one example of physical or natural limitations. Many of our constraints are governed by a singular constant, often times referred to as the Veil.

Reaching out to touch the non-physical is as easy as it sounds, but it will take time before your will becomes focused enough to see positive results in high success rates. This is why practice is necessary. To begin working with energy, pick an element you feel comfortable with. The basic elements of our natural, primal world that are safe to work with are Fire, Water, Earth, Air, Darkness, Light, and Life. This is not a complete list, but contains the safest energies to begin working with.

There are many other elements to work with but most beyond these have additional complexities, constraints, or dangers that a beginner might not yet be equipped to deal with. As such, entry level theories will not include discussions on these substances. Please see more advanced theories for theory-crafting on more complex energies. For now, it’s best to work with something that will benefit your system and something that you are already used to taking in or interacting with on a smaller scale.

But how do we take in these energies? Much like our physical nervous system that helps maintain and control our body, we have a sort of non-physical mirror to this complex. It is often considered the non-physical manifestation of our physical self, as each beings’ internal structure usually mimics that of their physical shell. This mirror is often times referred to as our pathways. The term pathways is being used in a semi-literal sense. This system has openings all over the body. These openings are the gates in which we expel and take in non-physical energy at all times. It will be through these pathways, specifically the ones in your hands, that you will initially learn to draw in the non-physical intentionally.

It is important to note that just like we have nerve clusters and organs in our physical self, our non-physical pathways tend to cluster at designated areas within the body, mirroring said clusters. These gatherings are often referred to as the ‘chakras’ in other traditional beliefs which recognize this regulatory system.

It’s time to start. If necessary, collect a physical source of the energy type you feel most comfortable working with. These basic elements usually have a direct physical counterpart. It is easy to draw logical conclusions as to what physical substance produces each non-physical type, I.E. a candle produces fire energy, or a glass of water contains water energy, etc. It is very common for those just starting out to require these physical sources, but once you get to more advanced stages you can acquire specific energy types without the need for such a source. This is usually done by drawing on a source by distance, altering neutral energy, or altering your own energy’s vibration until its individual complexity mirrors that of the desired element. The environment around you is also usually rich in most base types at any given time but in a form that might not be immediately obvious (there is water energy in the air, earth energy in glass, etc). Conversion is a huge part of energy work. However, please note that conversion takes energy, and consumption of what you convert is ultimately a loss. Conversion is not usually an efficient practice for feeding.

Once you have your source in mind, be it physical or non-physical, calm your mind and senses. Some people close their eyes to help themselves focus. Create a mental picture of the source, and through that source create an image of the energy you wish to be working with. This is an example of beginning to use one’s will. Once you have a stable picture in mind reach out to it. You can do this both mentally and physically if you desire. Some people find it easier to have their hands close to the source they wish to be taking from. Now that you have brought your ‘self’, your will, towards this energy, focus on taking it into your being. This will happen through visualizing drawing that energy into the tips of your fingers, or the non-physical pathways in your fingers and hands. It is important to maintain one’s focus even if you do not experience immediate results. Often times it takes numerous tries to get it to work if you are just starting out. It is important to not give up and be patient with yourself, as learning to work with energy and learning to consume it takes consistent effort. If you pace yourself and practice regularly, you will eventually be able to confidently draw in the non-physical at will. Over time you will learn how to draw in energy from other areas of your non-physical system, as well as from a distance.

Consumption of specific energy types will help reawaken your awareness and will also help you to actively familiarize yourself with each individual energy signature. The more time you take to work with each one, the better you will be at understanding it. This understanding is necessary for more advanced practices you may wish to engage in down the line. Honing one’s sense is of the utmost importance. In the realm of consumption, this helps keep you aware of what is trying to enter your system, or what may be trying to draw from your system, which leads us into the next section.

III. Filtering – What is it? Why do it?

Filtering is the process in which one teaches their system to reject energies that are harmful or do not benefit the system in some capacity. The ultimate goal is to train the system to do this by default. This is a form of non-physical muscle memory. It is how beings can draw power from potentially caustic or dense sources of non-physical matter without irreparably harming their pathways, and subsequently the functionality of their entire non-physical self. This means that learning to filter is of the utmost importance if a being wishes to consume from sources that have uncontrolled variables or potentially harmful materials.

You may damage yourself, for example, by consuming from living fonts that may be sickly, among other things.  For those of us that regularly consume non-physical energy from living beings, filtering provides us an extra layer of security. If we happen to pull from someone that is sick, we can filter out that sickness and prevent ourselves from also becoming ill. Just like all physical states of matter have a non-physical counterpart, ailments that effect our physical forms will have non-physical manifestations of this as well. This is something not often talked about. Filtering also helps prevent energies that are too complex from damaging anything other than the surface layers of your being, typically the outer edge of your pathways. Some living beings are comprised of energies our primal shells aren’t protected against, and learning to recognize threats will keep you healthy and safe.

So how does one begin doing this? Once you are comfortable and consistent when it comes to consumption of the non-physical, you can begin to practice filtering by pulling from multi-fonts, meaning environmental areas that have more than one energy type flowing from them. A shallow stream, containing both earth and water, is a good example. Using these natural fonts, you can practice drawing only one type of energy in, ignoring the others which are intertwined as a baseline. This will take conscious effort at first, but the more you do it, just like any other form of energy work, the better you will become over time.

Eventually you won’t have to think about intentionally separating the energies to allow only one of them entry into your system. You will simply, near automatically, take what you desire and leave the rest. This practice can be ramped up by intentionally feeding on living beings that you know are ill, or have some form of caustic manifestation from an ailment by focusing on only taking in what’s useful for your system, while having the intent in mind to leave out all negative energy. The intent or desire remains the key focus of this practice as it will for everything else. Once you are to this stage, however, please be aware that there will still be risks involved. Most who reach this stage of filtering will inevitably get sick at first, as it’s part of the learning process. This means to pick and choose your targets carefully, and use common sense to know whether or not something has too high of a risk for your own personal system. The goal is to get better at the process, not damage the system beyond repair.

Filtering also provides insight on how to work with entropic, decaying, and more complex energies. This is a necessary skill one must have if they wish to pursue energy types that extend beyond the base primal elements, or energies that are negatively impactful to these elements. In relation to these types, filtering allows the consumer to get a small ‘taste’ of what the energy is like. Through repeated tasting, the system will eventually begin to form a tolerance to the substance. The limits of this tolerance will be based on the energy type and complexity of the individual being. Some beings will ultimately be susceptible to certain kinds of energy no matter how much time they spend attempting to create this internal buffer. Keeping this is mind, it is best to take caution when working up to these elements, and to already have taken the time to learn proper filtering methods beforehand.


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Author:Rev. JP Vanir
Published:Jul 17th 2018
Modified:Jul 17th 2018

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