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As people have immigrated to North America, their vampires have followed. The Civatateo, Sukuyan, Tlaciques, Talamaur, Mara and Loogaroo are just a few vampires that are in myths from the Aztec people, Native Americans, Mexicans, people in New England and those from other parts of North America.


The Chorti is a friendly, yet vicious vampire of Mexico and Guatemala. It’s said that the Chorti are wild men who live throughout the wildnerness in remote places, such as deep in the forests, in caves and jungles. The Chorti vampires are large and hairy. They have their feet on backwards so that the feet […]

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The Civatateo is a Mexican vampire witch who once attended Sabbaths at crossroads. The creature was bound to Tezcatlipoca and Tlazolteotl, Aztec Gods.  They were believed to attack young children, mate with human men, and give birth to children born as vampires. The belief is that the Civatateo was a noblewoman who died during childbirth. […]

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The Sukuyan was a vampire entity found on the Trinidad island of the Caribbean islands. The vampire was seen as a member of society, living during the day as an ordinary person. But, at night, it left its skin and as a ball of light traveled around looking for blood. The community members could protect […]

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The Tlaciques is a vampire of the Nahuatl Indians from Mexico. This vampire is considered a vampire witch that can turn into a ball of flame or a turkey. In these forms, the vampire can feed unnoticed.

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The Talamaur is an Australian vampire that could communicate with the spirit world. It could make one of the spirits its servants to use among the living. The Talamaur was considered a living vampire. There are some stories of the Talamaur are from the Banks Island. These stories speak of a vampire-like creature that can […]

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Mara is a Slavic vampire that is also known to the Kashube people of Canada. Some believe that Mara is related to Mare, who is found in German vampire folklore. She is said to the the spirit of an unbaptised dead girl who visits people at night, crushing and oppressing her victims to death. In Slavic […]

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There are several vampire figures in Aztec mythology to include Camazotz, the cave god of the underworld, who was more of a soul demon than a vampiric figure. Vampire goddesses related to the “earth lady,” Tlalteuctli, personified the rock and soil which humans live. Tlalteuctli was a terror-producing figure that was never pictured as a woman, […]

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The Loogaroo is a vampire witch of Haiti folklore, as well as other islands of the West Indies, to include Grenada. The Loogaroo arose as slaves from West Africa appropriated French demonology and blended it with African vampire lore. The Loogaroo is actually similar to the obayifo and the asiman. The word’ loogaroo’ is actually derived from the French word […]

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The Tlahuelpocmimi is a vampiric witch from Mexico. They generally appear normal, but they can shapeshift into different forms, but not matter what form the vampire is in, the glowing aura will give it away. These vampires are born with the curse of being a vampire and cannot avoid it. They learn of their condition […]

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Although the reports of vampires in the New England area of the United States, there were a few stories scattered throughout the nineteenth century. There were stories of a belief in vampires and action taken against them by settlers in a confined area. The first incident was reported during the American Revolution. A man named Stukeley, […]

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